Your Road to 32 Beautiful Teeth

A smile is the first positive impression we get of a person. Beautiful teeth make an attractive face more attractive still. Not everyone is lucky enough to have 32 healthy and beautiful teeth with which to bite into an apple. But unsightly or missing teeth are no longer here to stay. Modern dentistry holds in store a whole battery of repair and treatment options for an esthetic smile. Often minor interventions are all it needs to repair stained, crooked or chipped teeth. State-of-the-art techniques, high-quality material and little chair-side time and effort will set everyone on the road to a winsome smile. And a winsome smile will take you a long way – both in your job and your private life!

An esthetic smile need no longer be wishful thinking. We will turn it into reality with 32 beautiful teeth.

Markus Schlee, DDS, DMD & Florian Rathe, DDS
Implants and Periodontics
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Zahnärzte für Implantologie und Parodontologie
PD Dr. Dr. Markus Schlee & Dr. Florian Rathe
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